Sarah McConnell

When I was in college, I couldn’t pick a major. I liked English, Computer Science, Economics, and History. I narrowed it down to English, because I have always loved to write, and Computer Science, because I have always wanted Star Trek and Doctor Who to be real. Then I picked Computer Science, because having food to eat and clothes to wear are, in my opinion, Good Things.

Ironically, when I got my degree in Computer Science, there was a recession, and I ended up being a Technical Writer, so I got to write anyway. I was good at that and, 44 books later, got into multimedia and computer based training. I was good at that and got promoted to management. Then when being in middle management went out of style, I went into project management.

I was good at project management, but it was stressful and No Fun. I started doing what I really enjoyed – creating content – on the side. And then I thought, I should do this full time! And that’s what I did.

Now I create content. I get to learn about different businesses and create content to help people understand what those businesses do and how it can help them.

How great is that?

And when I’m not doing that, I like to Nordic ski (in winter), sail (in summer), read science fiction, and watch Formula One racing. Preferably while drinking tea.

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Flathead Lake, Montana

The picture above is Flathead Lake, which is located in Montana, near Glacier Park.

If you want to know about McConnell Media, and who we are, this is where we’re located. An independent type of place. A place with fresh air, where you can take a deep breath and relax. But still connected.

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