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Copywriting Portfolio


In 2017 and 2018 I did a series of 30-plus blogs for Broadsoft (now Cisco). The purpose of these blogs were to help prospects understand what is important to consider when buying a contact center solution, and why having cloud-based software would benefit them. There isn’t enough room to include all of them, but here are three of the best. (And please do email me if you would like the entire list.)

Broadsoft said they considered these blogs “the gold standard.”

Want to see this on the Cisco website? Click here (link will open in a new tab).

Want to see this on the Cisco website? Click here (link will open in a new tab).

Want to see this on the Cisco website? Click here (link will open in a new tab).

Books and Ebooks

When I tell people I’ve written 48 books and ebooks (to date), they tend to laugh. But when people pay you to write day after day and year after year, those books (and case studies and white papers) do tend to pile up. That is one advantage of ebooks – they don’t take up as much space on your shelf!

Out of those 48 books, most have been technical in nature (how to use hardware or software), and they’re what’s known as “works for hire” – in other words, you can’t buy those on Amazon, you only get them if you pony up several million for some enterprise software. But I have written others as well, on a variety of topics. I can’t share all 48 of them here, but I can share some samples and links. I did the layout for some of them as well. And some you can get on Amazon.

This is both an ebook writing sample and a ghostwriting sample. I wrote the book based on interviews. As a side benefit, I learned how to clean my house. This book is available on Amazon here.

This is (so far) the only book I have written under my own name through the traditional publishing process. Published by Lark Books, it is now out of print, but you can read the reviews on Amazon here.

Ebook Writing sample

I did several blog series for Broadsoft, and – this is a really good idea for you to consider when you make an investment in content – they asked me to repurpose the blog into an ebook. This allowed them to get the content out to people who didn’t read the blog, and use it as a ‘secret sauce’ for salespeople to give to prospects. (Click the image to view the ebook.)

This book is unique in that it was done as both a print book (on Blurb) and an ebook (on Amazon). I edited the original manuscript by the author and also did the layout for both the ebook and the print book (in Adobe InDesign).

White Papers

White papers are great when you’re selling something complicated. In my past life in IT, I used to read them when researching software solutions. Before you can recommend your company spend tens of thousands (or millions) on a piece of technology, you better study up and make sure it will a) solve your problem, and b) work in your environment. Most companies consume these before making a big technology purchase.

Again, I’ve done many of these (and if you’re not technical, you may find them dull). This sample is “Four Steps to Migrate your Organization to Office 365.” (Click on the image to open the pdf.)

Case Studies & Success Stories

When you’re investing in great content, don’t leave out the success stories and case studies! Just think of these as testimonials that have lots more detail. When buying something complex and/or expensive, your prospect needs all the help they can get to justify that big purchase. Success stories provide that extra bit of confidence boost to help them decide they’re making the right decision in purchasing your product.

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